About Han Li

Every time before clicking the shutter, I always ask myself, “Do I want an exquisite shot, or a fun one?”


Han Li started experimenting with photography since 2007, but many of his artwork series are created after 2014. The early works include a series of long-exposure night scenes, as in Midnight Exposure, trying to reveal the serenity and mystery behind familiar daytime scenes.

The series of microphotography with miniatures, as in Micro Fantasy, are constantly being updated with new inspirations.

He is fascinated by street photography, as in On Street. He enjoys documenting people and happenings on streets, which seem to be reality, but are beyond reality. In the meantime, he is becoming more sensitive to discover subtle details, more patient to wait for the perfect moment, and more inspired to create commercial artworks.

He moved to Boston to join New England School of Photography and receive professional education on editorial, advertising and fashion photography. His ideal is to create commercial photographs that are fun at first sight, while aesthetic to last.

Han Li used to work for Ogilvy and Hill+Knowlton, and thus has a good understanding of commercial clients. His creative works and photographs for HP, Dell, WD, apparel brands and private businesses have been widely used. He also engages in photography for personal and organizational events in the U.S. and China.


His photography works have appeared in:

·      Second Annual Street Shooting - Los Angeles Center of Photography (Gallery Exhibition, Los Angeles, 2015)

·      Think Small - Panopticon Gallery (Gallery Exhibition, Boston, MA, 2015)

·      NESOP Hallway Show (Gallery Exhibition, Boston, 2015)

·      2015 Street Photography - Photography Center of Cape Cod and the Cape Cod Art Association (Online Exhibition, USA, 2015)

·      Goodbye 2015 - Mepai.me (Online Exhibition, China, 2015)

·      Spielen dich hunderte? Spielt dich einer? – Photo×Collar (Gallery Exhibition, Beijing, 2013)

·      2013 Netease City Impression (Photobook, China, 2013)

·      No More Three – Li Han and Friends (Gallery Exhibition, Beijing, 2012)

Han Li Photography © 2016